Massage Candle 6 oz

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Scented Candle and Skin Care

This is where scented candles become fun! The Massage Oil Candle is first filled with magnificent fragrance that has aromatherapy benefits. Enjoy the Massage Candle as the the aroma fills your room and watch as the wax begins to melt. Once the Massage Candle has a pool of wax it's time to really enjoy this candle! Take a small spoon and dip some of the wax out of the candle. Place it on your hands or anywhere else you want to enjoy that warm oil and beautiful fragrance. And because soy wax melts at a low temperature you don't have to worry about the oil being too hot. Simply rub the oil into your skin and enjoy how soft and silky your skin feels! Pick from 24 delightful scents. Start enjoying soft skin today.

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Reviewed by Nancy H., 07/20/2012

Green Tea Cucumber my new favorite scent!