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Candle Accessories and Extras

Here are a few items to help your candles look nicer and last longer.

The Candle Shade is the perfect topper to your Apothecary Jar Candle. Two styles to choose from. They will create interesting light patterns and because soy wax is clean burning there won't be all that black soot inside the shade!

Make sure candles burn evenly by using a Wick Trimmer. Properly trimmed wicks will make your candle last longer!


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Candle Shade Hearts Candle Jar Accessorie
Candle Shade Hearts

A charming topper for your Apothecary Jar or Mason Jar Candle

Candle Shade Stars Candle Jar Accessorie
Candle Shade Stars

Compliment your Apothecary Jar or Mason Jar candle in style!

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Wick Trimmer for Glass Jar Candles
Wick Trimmer

Increase the life of your candle

Keep your wicks trimmed



All of our candles are handmade with pure soy wax and are highly scented


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