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Candles for MEN - Manly Scented Candle

Men here's a scented candle designed with you in mind. Candles for men are highly scented, handmade soy candles made with manly scents. We're talking some of your favorite food and drink scents like: Bacon, Barbeque, French Fries, Root Beer and more! These candles are perfect for the MAN CAVE or any place you like to hand out. Don't miss out guys - this is your chance to enjoy a Manly Scented Candle! Candles for Men come in 4 sizes and 12 manly scents to choose from. Get yours today!

All Candles for MEN are Handmade Fresh when you Order!


Candles For Men - Candle Tin 6 oz - MAN CAVE
Mens Candle Tin 6oz

Great Manly Scents in a Travel Size Tin

Take your favorite fragrance with you!

Candles For Men - Candle Tin 8 oz - MAN CAVE
Mens Candles Tin 8oz

Mens Candle Tin - Great Scents for Guys

Perfect for the MAN CAVE!

Candles For Men - Candle Cube 7 oz
Mens Candle Cube 7oz

Classy Style - Manly Scents

Perfect for the MAN CAVE!


Candles For Men - Candle Cube 14 oz
Mens Candle Cube 14oz

A Sturdy Manly Scented Candle

Great Guy Scents!

Candles For Men - Tart Melts - MAN CAVE
Tart Melts for MEN

Popular wax melts now in great guy scents!


As low as $3.25

All of our candles are handmade with pure soy wax

and are highly scented!



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