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Scented Candle and Skin Care

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We still have the products to make candles.

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How To Use: Keep your wicked trimmed to about 1/2 inch. Burn your candle for 15 to 20 minutes to create a pool of oil. For optimal use please burn your candle for 2 - 3 hours every time you use it. Use a small spoon to dip out oil. The candle burns 3 degrees above body temperature so it does not feel hot. It's not sticky or greasy. Apply to wherever you need warm relief for dry skin.

Benefits: The soy wax and massage oil are very hydrating for dry cracked hands and help fights eczema. High in Antioxidants and vitamin E. Enjoy a warm, penetrating oil that will sooth your skin and leave you smelling magnificent. There's no good way to describe how silky smooth and and wonderfully scented your skin will be using this candle. Try one today!

For more information visit the Tips and Safety page  


Fragrance List:

Amber Noir Massage Candle Scent  Coconut Lime Fragrance  Cotton Blossom Scent for Massage candles  Cranberry Citrus  Cucumber Melon Fragrance Massage candle  Daffodil Massage Candle  Day at the Spa  Fig Tree Fragrance  Gardenia Scent  Green Tea Cucumber  Honeysuckle Scent  Kiwi Melon Massage Candle  Lavender Vanilla Fragrance  Lily of the Valley  Love Spell scent  MangoTangerine  Orange Grove Fragrance  Peach Scent Massage Candle  Pear Scent  Pineapple Coconut  Massage Candle - Spring Rain  Sweet Jasmine Vine Scent  Sweet Pea Vanilla Fragrance  White Tea and Berries  MENS Masssage Candle - Bamboo Citrus Teak Scent  Black Sea MENS Massage Candle Scent  MENS Masssage Candle - Juniper Breeze Scent  MENS Masssage Candle - Montego Bay Scent  MENS Masssage Candle - Moon Lake Musk Scent  MENS Masssage Candle - Mountain Lake Scent  MENS Masssage Candle - Sandalwood Scent  MENS Masssage Candle - Sea Mist Scent  MENS Masssage Candle - Walk in the Woods Scent