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Short on space but want to burn a scented candle? That's where our Votive Candles are at their best. They may be small in size, however they are highly scented and will surprise you with the aroma they deliver. Votive Candles come in two sizes. The 1.5 oz. trial size and the 3oz. Glass Votive. All of the candles are handmade with maximum scented pure soy wax. These candles make great gifts and will fit in about any space you have. Try some and see the difference soy wax makes in how your candle performs.

All Candles Handmade Fresh when you Order!

Pure Scented Candles - Votive Candle




1.5oz. Sample Candle - Trial Size Candle
Trial Size Candle 1.5 oz.

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As low as $3.25
Votive Candle 3 oz - Handmade Soy Candle
Votive Candle 3 oz

A petite glass jar candle loaded with fragrance!

The perfect Candle for small spaces


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